Our Future

Protool Co. is dedicated to finding efficient and economical ways to manufacture current and future jobs.  Investment in capital equipment and advanced tooling, strategic partnerships, and streamlined procedures are just some of the ways we create these continuous improvements.

In 2017 Protool Co. became ISO certified and by the beginning of 2018 we hope to redesign our workflow and add lights out operation.  

Our History

Protool Company is a privately owned business located in Orange County, California. Established in 1972, Protool and its personnel have supplied high-quality components to the defense, aerospace, energy, and medical industries for over 45 years.

Shaped by the efforts of master tool and die maker, Karl Bernhardt, and his son, accomplished machinist Norbert Bernhardt, Protool Co. has grown from the footprint of its single Bridgeport knee mill to a modern production shop of twelve-thousand square feet.

Welcome to protool

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Our Credo

"Quality is #1 at Protool" 

Protool Company is dedicated to the efficient and economical manufacture of products at a high-quality level that meets and exceeds customer standards.  Every employee is charged with the responsibility to meet customer requirements and continually improve the process.  

An ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company